O&G – Hydraulic power units

A clean hydraulic system is imperative for constant and precise valve performance in subsea production systems. Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) provides an optimised power supply – even for kilometre-long umbilical and subsea distributor stations. Installed on onshore and offshore platforms or FPSO vessels, the units secure the production operations.

Maximator develops and produces Hydraulic Power Units for direct or multiplexed subsea production systems. Standard or customised Hydraulic Power Units are used for installation, for testing and for flushing applications. The Hydraulic Power Units work independently with pressure circuits for low-pressure from 200 to 350 bar and high-pressure from 700 bar to 1,050 bar. Redundant electric and pneumatic high-pressure pumps generate the pressure for the subsea operations.

Cleanliness for durable components

Depending on the required volume flow, we manufacture our Hydraulic Power Units with integrated or separate piston accumulator systems. Additional heating systems can be fitted for Arctic or harsh environments. Maximator Hydraulic Power Units have dual redundant filter systems with electrical clogging indicator. The Hydraulic Power Units have separate storage tanks for effective separation of clean and soiled fluids for the supply and return lines.

Our installations ensure that the hydraulic systems achieve maximum purity (e.g. AS4059 D Class 6 B-F). This in turn increases the service life of all hydraulic components. With the embedded PLC, the Hydraulic Power Units work independently so that the operating effort by the user is low. The integrated components are made of 316ss stainless steel – on request, we can also use special materials. When handling the various media, such as mineral oils, water/glycol mixes or also environmentally friendly biodegradable synthetic oils, we have extensive experience and will be glad to advise you.

Performance of the Maximator Hydraulic Power Units

  • Offshore-proven components
  • Redundant pressure generation with electrical or pneumatic pumps
  • Standard and individual solutions
  • Integrated or remote control (PLC)
  • Protected from environmental influences (IP Rating)
  • Combined low and high-pressure circuits
  • Suitable for operation in areas with gas atmospheres or as an open frame version (Skid-Design)
  • ATEX Zone 1 certified
  • Designed for 20 years operation

Maximator Hydraulic Power Units solutions

  • HPU for subsea production systems
  • HPU for surface production systems
  • HPU for wells intervention
  • HPU for testing and flushing applications