Expertise in hydrogen for over 20 years Maximator is one of the leading companies that offers high pressure and test technology up to 25,000 bar. The standard air powered Maximator gas compressors have been used in hydrogen applications for over 20 years. Hydrogen technology has been a key focus of the company since 2007.

Maximator employs 700 people worldwide. The headquarters are in Nordhausen and include engineering and manufacturing. The entire product portfolio is manufactured in the Nordhausen plant to ensure that production is carried out using the latest technology and corresponding quality processes. There are also branches in Shanghai, China and the USA. The branches are responsible for the commissioning and field service of the plants located in these areas.

As the demand for hydrogen refueling systems increases, Maximator plans to expand production to these locations. To meet the growing hydrogen business, Maximator Gas Solutions GmbH and the joint venture between Maximator & Testnet GmbH were also founded. Maximator Gas Solutions focuses on the development of storage systems and the required regulatory approvals. The joint venture with Testnet focuses on life cycle tests for hydrogen storage systems.

The service area is also geared towards the hydrogen business. In 2017, Maximator Hydrogen Inc. was founded in San Francisco, California, to manage the service for the Maximator hydrogen plants in California.