GFS – Gas filling station

Cost and energy efficient gas filling solution
The Maximator GFS Series are standalone Gas Filling Stations for small scale applications with build in air compression.

Our Smart Gas Filling Station is driven by Maximator Efficency Drive Technology (EDT) which enables an unmatched cost and energy efficient for small scale or fleet applications up to 900 bar. Besides EDT as a drivetrain another unique and patented feature is
included which is called Flexdrive. This additional feature on the one hand increases energy and cost effiency and on the other hand optimizes the overall availability of the Gas Filling Systems.

We designed this gas filling station especially for small scale filling processes for e.g. Hydrogen refuelling in labaratory applications, drones, small fleet FCEV´s and home energy storage solutions and many more.

Efficiency Drive Technology
The Efficiency Drive Technology (EDT) is based on a closed loop drive system which increases the efficiency of the nitrogen or electro hydraulic operated gas boosters significantly and reduces the energy required for the drive. Nitrogen, required for purging and drive is already on board. The integrated frequency converter ensures maximum efficiency along the complete working range of this systems.

Within the Gas filling Sytems there is a strict separation between ATEX and NON-ATEX areas. All necessary sensors and an intelligent purging ensures a high level of satefy. Moreover the entire MAX Smart Refuel system is controlled by a safety PLC.

Water cooling
Thanks to intelligent water cooling, the temperature increase during gas compression is very low, which protects components, seals and increases the service life of the gas boosters.

Flex drive
This patent protected drive modification for efficient filling processes is specially developed for Maximator gas boosters with two air drive sections. Depending on the current conditions, only the required numbers of air sections will be activated by the PLC.

 GFS 56GFS 400GFS 2500GFS 5000GFS 900GFS 9000
Pressure class400 bar400 bar500 bar500 bar900 bar900 bar
Tº difference5ºC5ºC5ºC5ºC10ºC10ºC
Volume flow (N₂) @ 40 bar supply25 L/min200 L/min800 L/min1.600 L/min200 L/min1.600 L/min
Mass flow (H₂) @ 40 bar supply0,14 kg/h1,0 kg/h5,0 kg/h10,0 kg/h1,0 kg/h10,0 kg/h
Power consumption4 kW8 kW22 kW30 kW11 kW30 kW
Dimensions /mm1.500 x 1.500 x 2.0002.000 x 3.000 x 2.0002.000 x 3.000 x 2.0002.000 x 3.000 x 2.0002.000 x 3.000 x 2.0002.000 x 3.000 x 2.000
Weight1.800 kg2.800 kg3.600 kg4.100 kg3.100 kg4.100 kg
Control systemSafety PLC + Web applicationSafety PLC + Web applicationSafety PLC + Web applicationSafety PLC + Web applicationSafety PLC + Web applicationSafety PLC + Web application