Station SPLV3/40L/21bar

MAXIMATOR PLV series air amplifiers are suitable for the compression of pressurised air or nitrogen. The units are capable of increasing normal pressures of 4 bar or 6 bar to the desired final pressures. The Air Amplifiers are operated with normal shop air and are provided with a variety of amplification ratios.

The Air Amplifier Station Type SPLV3/40L/21bar mainly consists of:

  • MAXIMATOR Air Amplifier type SPLV3,
  • Air inlet filter type BSP 1/2″,
  • Pressure regulator type BSP 1/2″,
  • Air pressure gauge type 0-16bar (50),
  • Non-return valve type BSP 1/2″,
  • Pressure accumulator type 40l/21bar,
  • Accumulator safety valve set on 21 bar,
  • Accumulator pressure gauge 0-40bar (100),
  • Accumulator shut-off valve type BSP 1/4″,
  • Pressure outlet shut-off valve type BSP 1/2″.

The station is compl. assembled, tested and ready for connection.

Pressure ratio
Outlet P maxapprox. 21bar
Max. FlowDepending on the application
Connection Inlet PLBSP 1/2"
Connection Outlet PBSP 1/2"
W x D x H850 x 400 x 6600
Weight+/- 56kg
Air drive pressuremin. 1 bar
max. 10 bar