Hydraulic Units – MX Universal Test Bench

  • MX-Universal Test Bench up to 58.000 psi / 4.000 bar
  • for pressure-, leakage- and functional tests of pressure-loaded parts and products with oil, water or emulsion

MX-Universal Test Bench

The safest way to assess the quality of pressurized components, assemblies or products is the practical test. The products are subjected to various pressure, leakage or functional tests.

Because only practical evidence provides reliable information about the desired product and material properties. Depending on the application, different test procedures have to be carried out. On the one hand, the spectrum includes the simple approach to a pressure level.

On the other hand, there are even more complex requirements for pressure tests, such as the time-controlled approach to different pressure levels with defined pressure build-up and pressure holding times.

Thanks to its modular and flexible structure, the MX Universal Test Bench offers the optimal solution for all requirements in the area of manual pressure testing with oil, water or emulsion.

Configured to the respective test requirements and optionally equipped with the MX controller, the MX Universal Test Benches offer the highest cost efficiency with optimal test results.

Smart control

Equipped with the Maximator pneumatic controller (MX controller), the control of the Universal Test Benches becomes a real leap in quality: Test profiles can be flexibly defined, saved and, if necessary, repeated or adapted. The logging of the test results can also be designed individually – this makes component testing as flexible and uncomplicated as it should be.

The MX controller consists of a pneumatic control unit for controlling the drive pressure of an air-operated pump or a pump system. It is controlled by a microcontroller specially developed for compressed air-driven Maximator high-pressure pumps.

The embedded PC enables the operator to manage recipes and log test results with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

The visualization takes place via a web interface and can be accessed via LAN or WLAN with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The MX controller offers a very precise automatic control of the high pressure pumps based on predefined multi-stage and / or linear pressure curves.