Hydraulic Units – MX-Controller

The smart control for air-driven Maximator high-pressure pumps.

MX Controller – Smart pump control

The MX controller is an effective control system, specially developed for the drive-side control of air-driven Maximator high-pressure pumps. Additional outputs can also be used to control valves, which means that complex test sequences can be realized with minimal effort.


The MX controller consists of a pneumatic control unit to control the drive pressure of an air-driven pump or a pump system. The controlis carried out by a microcontroller specially developed for air-driven Maximator high-pressure pumps. The embedded PC enables the operator to manage recipes and log test results with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

The visualization takes place via a web interface and can be accessed via LAN or WLAN with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The MX controller offers a very precise automatic control of the high pressure pumps based on predefined multi-stage and / or linear pressure curves.

This pneumatic control is a very efficient solution for the automation of high pressure pumps for various pressure, burst and leak test applications.


  • Compact design
  • Autonomous functional unit
  • Pressure build-up using a digital proportional valve
  • Visual representation of the pressure / time profiles
  • Operation via web visualization with tablet or smartphone